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Key Words with Peter and Jane uses the most frequently met words in the English language as a starting point for learning to read successfully and confidently. The Key Words reading scheme is scientifically researched and world renowned. Book 1c continues Peter and Jane's adventures and introduces 20 new words such as 'ball', 'shop' and 'toy'. Once this book has been completed, the child moves on to book 2a. The Key Words with Peter and Jane books work because each of the key words is introduced gradually and repeated frequently. This builds confidence in children when they recognise these key words on sight (also known as the 'look and say' method of learning). Examples of key words are: the, one, two, he. There are 12 levels, each with 3 books: a, b, and c. Series a: Gradually introduces new words Series b: Provides further practise of words featured in the 'a' series Series c: Links reading with writing and phonics. All the words that have been introduced in each 'a' and 'b' book are also reinforced in the 'c' books

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ISBN 10 : 1409301443
ISBN 13 : 9781409301448
Author : N/a
Translator : -
Publisher : Ladybird
Author2 : N/a
Language : ENGLISH

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