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258 Clinical Cases in Medicine aims to serve the interest of postgraduate students in medicine (MRCP/MD/DNB) and allied sciences. It describes 258 cases in medicine which are clinically discussed to make the students oriented to clinical examination and diagnosis. At the end of each case, questions have been answered for making the students updated on the case discussed.
It is a known fact that there is scarcity of such types of books and many books written by the foreign authors are not understandable to the Indian students. This book will cater to the needs of postgraduate students in medicine and allied sciences (pulmonology and dermatology) and help them be prepared for postgraduate examinations. Each case is discussed with clinical photograph and all the important investigations, i.e. radiology/CT scan/MRI, have also been included.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 8123924429
ISBN 13 : 9788123924427
Author : Chugh S N
Translator : -
Publisher : Cbs Publishers
Author2 : Chugh S N
Language : ENGLISH

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258 Clinical Cases In Medicine For Md Dnb And Mrcp - by Chugh S N
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