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Table of contents: part-i: generation and economic considerations introductory hydroelectric power plants steam power plants nuclear power plants diesel electric power plants gas turbine power plants non-conventional methods of power generation selection of power plant economic operation of power plants combined operation of power plants environmental aspects of electric energy generation cogeneration and energy conservation interconnected systems power plants economics tariffs and power factor improvement objective type questions part-ii: transmission and distribution of electrical power supply systems mechanical design of overhead lines overhead line insulators corona transmission line constants performance of short and medium transmission lines performance of long transmission lines underground cables dc distribution ac distribution insulation resistance of a system interference of power lines with neighboring communication lines extra high voltage (ehv) ac transmission high voltage direct current (hvdc) transmission construction, testing and commissioning of overhead lines objective type questions part-iii: switchgear and protection introductory representation of power system components symmetrical components symmetrical fault analysis unsymmetrical fault analysis fuses circuit breaking circuit breakers protective relays static relays protection of ac generators and motors transformer protection bus-bar protection protection of feeders and transmission lines protection against overvoltages due to lightning travelling waves insulation co-ordination power system earthing voltage control substations power system stability power flow studies objective type questions index.

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ISBN 10 : 9350143739
ISBN 13 : 9789350143735
Author : Gupta J B
Translator : -
Publisher : S K Kataria & Sons
Language : ENGLISH

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A Course In Power Systems - by Gupta J B
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