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A quick and easy guide to help you learn the basics of accounting. The ability to negotiate a deal. Confidence to oversee staff. Complete and accurate monitoring of expenses. In today's business climate, these are must-have skills. But all too often, comprehensive business books turn the important details of best practices into tedious reading that would put even a CEO to sleep. This bestselling series is packed with hundreds of entertaining tidbits and concepts that can't be found anywhere else. From hiring and firing to strategizing and calculating revenues, these guides can help you learn core business and career concepts-no MBA required! So whether you're a new business owner, a manager, or entry-level employee, this series has the answers you need to conduct business more efficiently.

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ISBN 10 : 150720292X
ISBN 13 : 9781507202920
Author : Michele Cagan
Translator : -
Publisher : Adams & Austen Press
Author2 : Michele Cagan
Language : ENGLISH

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