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This comprehensive, highly accessible, exam-focused text is essential reading for all Edexcel AS Chemistry students. Revised and updated to meet the needs of AS students following the Edexcel specification, this textbook is divided into three units. The first seven chapters describe and explain the material of Unit 1: The core principles of chemistry. The next nine chapters cover the material for Unit 2: Application of core principles of chemistry. The final chapter (Unit 3) focuses on practical work.

This will help students prepare for their internal assessment of practical skills. Integrated material on 'how science works' throughout the text End-of-chapter review questions and practice unit tests test knowledge and provide exam preperation Worked examples give detailed explanations of calculations to facilitate understanding Online sample exam-style questions, with graded answers and commentaries give you a benchmark to compare your answers against

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 0340957603
ISBN 13 : 9780340957608
Author : George Facer
Translator : -
Publisher : Philip Allan Updates
Language : ENGLISH

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