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Chemistry is a widely recognised educational tool used by students and teachers from across the world to obtain a straightforward take on the concepts related to chemistry. This book has been written by a professional with decades worth of experience in the field and covers all vital topics necessary to receive a fundamental understanding of chemistry. Chemistry uses simple and effective language to communicate the necessary subjects and is a trusted name in schools and colleges. The book has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages to assist students around the world. The book includes challenging exercises and pertinent examples that are used efficiently to cover topics with greater ease. It is an effective book for any student looking to gain a basic and intermediate understanding of concepts related to chemistry. This book was published by pearson education in 2011 and is available in paperback. Key features: this is the sixth edition of the highly reputed chemistry series by dr mcmurry.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 9332519021
ISBN 13 : 9789332519022
Author : John E Mcmurry
Translator : -
Publisher : Pearson Education Asia
Author2 : John E Mcmurry
Language : ENGLISH

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