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Corporate Social Responsibility is a comprehensive textbook designed for post graduate management students. It revolves around the premise that CSR is management of a company's impact on its stakeholders, the environment, and the community in which it operates and is more than just a philanthropic activity for some charitable causes.

The book begins by providing an understanding of CSR, its evolution, and stakeholder concept, and then moves on elaborate on roles of various institutions and CSR models. It then provides a framework for rating CSR and discusses sustainability and its challenges, and discusses CSR in the Indian and global arena. The book includes a unique comparative study of CSR in different countries with actual data collected. It finally ends with a discussion on the future of CSR.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 0198069839
ISBN 13 : 9780198069836
Author : Madhumita Chatterji
Translator : -
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Author2 : Madhumita Chatterji
Language : ENGLISH

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