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A must-read for anyone who has ever accused themselves of being a slacker! Are you someone who likes to put off until tomorrow what you could do today? Do you draw up to-do lists, only to get frustrated that you arent able to follow them through? This delightful book argues that procrastinators are often perfectionists, and structured procrastinating doing one thing as a way of not doing something else is sometimes extremely effective.And if youre still stuck with that list of things to do, here is advice on how to tweak it so that it becomes more manageable: put something daunting, like Learn Chinese or Renovate kitchen at the top; cleaning the house or doing the laundry is a great way to not do those things. Written with wry humor and peppered with a wealth of insights, Dont Buy This Book Now! The Art of Procrastination proposes an ingenious program for getting things done by putting them off; its a must-read for anyone who has ever accused themselves of being a slacker.

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ISBN 10 : 067008669X
ISBN 13 : 9780670086696
Author : John Perry
Translator : -
Publisher : Penguin Books
Author2 : John Perry
Language : ENGLISH

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