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This thoroughly revised and updated mega edition of the book covers most of the emergencies in clinical practice. It covers all aspects of medical emergencies besides management. A few new emergencies have been added to make it a complete comprehensive book. The book is written in a simple and understandable language. Unlike most of the books in the market which are either deficient in substance or illustration or written just as theoretical texts, this book takes due care of these aspects by giving important material in boxes, duly revised keeping in mind the recent advances in emergency management. The first page of each chapter starts with the figure which highlights the important part of that medical emergency. The boxes and tables are colorful which soothe the eyes.
The book is suitable not only for undergraduates but also for postgraduates. The clinicians can keep the book on table while practicing so as to have a look when they feel free or can consult it at the time of dealing with an emergency. The book is handy, can be used by the students and resident staff on emergency duty and will serve as a ready-reckoner for medical emergencies. Most of the students will find it easy to pick up objective questions from this book while preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations. All controversies in medicine have been excluded, only clear-cut versions which most of the physicians agree by consensus have been given. The book fully meets the requirement of students, clinicians and also the teachers.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 8123923775
ISBN 13 : 9788123923772
Author : Chugh S N
Translator : -
Publisher : Cbs Publishers
Author2 : Chugh S N
Language : ENGLISH

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