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Sri Lanka produces gems of the finest quality. the Sri Lanka gem industry has sustained has itself for over 2000 year and many historical chronicles describe vividly the exquisite beauty and the unparalleled splendour of these finest creations of nature that adorned royal palaces and crowns of kings and queens. A book on Gems of Sri Lanka is therefore bound to create serious interest among the general reading public interested in the science of geology and mineralogy.

* Approved as a school library book by the Director General of Education Department.7th Revised Edition

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ISBN 10 : 9559549464
ISBN 13 : 9789559549468
Author : Ariyaratna D H
Translator : -
Publisher : Author Publication
Author2 : Ariyaratna D H
Language : ENGLISH

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Gems Of Sri Lanka - by Ariyaratna D H
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