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Interiors: Inspiration & Materials is the perfect book for anyone who wants to transform their house into a personal place reflecting their way of life. But choosing the best and most suitable materials for creating your ideal interior space is not always easy; there are an infinite number of possibilities for finding the ultimate solution for your personal needs.

This comprehensive guide helps you navigate through the jungle of materials and their application. Interiors provides information on which materials can be used for floors, walls, ceilings, in kitchens or bathrooms with an objective and detailed introduction explaining the specific characteristics of each material. In addition to the technical information, the advantages and disadvantages of each material are described so that the reader gets a deep understanding of how the choice of concrete, natural stone or bamboo for a floor or the usage of wood, textile, ceramics or gesso on a wall or ceiling will transform the space. More than 1,500 illustrations demonstrate not only how "warm" and "cold" materials can be harmoniously juxtaposed, but also how a successful synthesis of function and aesthetics can be achieved.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 1908126124
ISBN 13 : 9781908126122
Author : Sam Lubell
Translator : -
Publisher : Thames And Hudson
Author2 : Sam Lubell
Language : ENGLISH

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