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"New Heinemann Maths" offers interactive, whole-class teaching, with structured development of mental calculation strategies. It has complete coverage of the Framework. The scheme provides support without prescription for flexible planning and teaching; pupil material that aims to be clear, fun, and easy to use; clear structure and progression; support for more able children; and easy-to-manage assessment. to manage assessment. The "Organising and Planning Guides" provide detailed advice on how to use NHM to deliver the Framework objectives. Further support from the Teaching File provides a schematic showing the sequence of teaching, with pages and components needed and a summary for each mathematical topic. In addition, the NHM Framework planning CD contains unit-by-unit lesson plans. On starting each lesson, "Tune-in" introduces each section of work, reinforces previous learning, and can be used as pre-teaching assessment. "Starters" and other mental activities offer specific activities linked to particular sections of maths, and generic activities for use with a range of different topics. For whole-class direct teaching, the "Teaching File" offers a broad range of whole-class teaching activities, and gives a structured progression through each topic. Topics are consolidated and extended using the follow-up activities which are included in the Teaching File for use after whole-class teaching. These also provide help with differentiation.
Activity Books at Key Stage 1 place maths in a variety of exciting contexts and follow a structured development of each topic. Textbooks at Key Stage 2 reinforce fluency of number facts and mental calculation strategy, and provide problem-solving activities. Extension Textbooks challenge more able children. Different types of follow-up suggestions are given for the plenary session. They include: discussion points and activities following on from the pupil materials; extension material; and introduction to a home activity. "New Heinemann Maths" has a comprehensive assessment strategy linked to teaching to inform planning and to help deal with problems that have been identified.

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ISBN 10 : 0435178741
ISBN 13 : 9780435178741
Author : N/a
Translator : -
Publisher : Heinemann Educational
Language : ENGLISH

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