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The Oxford Essential German Dictionary is a new compact German-English and English-German dictionary that offers up-to-date coverage of all the essential day to day vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases and 60,000 translations. This dictionary is easy to use and ideal for travel, work, or study. The latest words in each language have been added, reflecting all aspects of life today, from computing and technology to lifestyle and business. Additional features include guides to German and English pronunciation, as well as help with both German and English verbs.

The Oxford Essential German Dictionary is ideal for anyone in need of a handy quick reference. An essential book for the study of German. Explore our language resources on, Oxford's home for dictionaries and language reference. Updated regularly with the latest changes to words and meanings, the site provides hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations in a range of languages. Access the highest quality language content, built from our extensive research, for free on your desktop or device.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 0199576394
ISBN 13 : 9780199576395
Author : N/a
Translator : -
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Author2 : N/a
Language : ENGLISH

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