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Oxford learners pocket english dictionary: student book (advanced) is one of the dictionaries that have strongly stood the test of time and vocabulary for several years now in fact, this is an appropriate dictionary for people whose first language is not english the dictionary is very rich in providing the etymological details of any word and has in the recent years incorporated many new words oxford learners pocket english dictionary is very helpful for those who want to gain fluency in either spoken or written english it not only teaches new words but also helps in knowing the pronunciation details there is also a tutorial on writing, comprising of 23 pages, which helps to bring skill to one's writing, making it richer and beautiful besides including words more than 18 lakh, the dictionary has huge collections of idioms and phrasesthis dictionary comes with a cd rom which helps one in knowing the pronunciation of various words one of the most attractive things about the dictionary is that it also highlights the common mistakes in the usage of english in addition to that it also has commonly used irregular verbs, abbreviations, and geographical names, etc it is helpful for quick and easy reference oxford learners pocket english dictionary: student book (advanced) was published by oxford university press as students edition in 2008 it is available in paperback

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ISBN 10 : 0194398706
ISBN 13 : 9780194398701
Author : N/a
Translator : -
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Language : ENGLISH

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