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The dark room is another marvelous novel written by r k narayan where rigid traditional values are upheld and held staunchly there is irony and humour through the poignant pains of the leading female character savitri malgudi, a fabricated town, somewhere in south india, is where the story develops and molds here savitri is a submissive wife who listens to all the harsh abuses sent out to her by her husband ramani ramani works for the elite engladia insurance company and will do anything to satisfy his bossessavitri has three children kamala, babu and sumati savitri would flee to her dark room when she could not tolerate the pangs of intolerance and maltreatment meted out to her unfairly she discovers sadly that her husband is having an affair with another woman her husband even takes her favorite bench so that he can use it to decorate the other womans house her husband seems more interested in flattering and pleasing the other woman a simpleton like savitri has nowhere to go she tries to drown herself but unfortunately she gets saved she works as a temple custodian she can fend for herself but she has her past life also she cannot forget the bleak look on her childrens faces when she abandoned them, much to their shockthe dark room by rknarayan has acute sympathetic descriptions of the characters it is a touching story highlighting the bare truths of life of a woman who was totally dependent on her husband this book was published indian thought publication in 2007 and in paperback.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 9788185986029
ISBN 13 : 978978818598602
Author : Narayan R K
Translator : -
Publisher : Indian Thought Publicatio
Author2 : Narayan R K
Language : ENGLISH

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