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Business authors Jack and Suzy Welch return, nearly a decade after publishing their international bestseller, Winning, to tackle the most pressing business challenges in the modern world. From creating winning strategies to leading and managing others The Real Life MBA acts as an essential guide for every person in business today - and tomorrow. You can talk about theories, concepts, and ideologies all you want, but when it gets right down to it, winning in business is all about mastering the gritty, inescapable, make-or-break, real-life dilemmas that define the new economy, the old economy, and everything in between. My boss is unbearable. I'm stuck in career purgatory. My team lacks enthusiasm. Our IT department is incompetent. Our strategy is outdated. We don't understand our Chinese partners. We're just not growing. This is the real stuff of work today. In the decade since their international best-seller Winning was published, Jack and Suzy Welch have dug deeper into the world of business than ever before , travelling the world consulting to businesses of every size and in every industry, working closely with entrepreneurs from Mumbai to Silicon Valley, starting their own company, and owning and managing more than 40 companies through private equity. Coupled with Jack's 20 years of iconic leadership at GE and Suzy's tenure as editor of the Harvard Business Review, their new database of knowledge infuses the pages of The Real Life MBA with fresh, relevant stories and equally powerful solutions.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 0007594399
ISBN 13 : 9780007594399
Author : Jack Welch
Translator : -
Publisher : Thorsons
Author2 : Jack Welch
Language : ENGLISH

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