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Now known as a highly unstable country, Pakistan was once a part of India. A series of events and ideologies led to its separation. Tinderbox: The Past And Future Of Pakistan investigates the past of Pakistan and goes on to provide a sneak peek into its probable future. The idea that triggered the actual separation was generated from the drive to create a separate Muslim Space since the 18th century. This book gives an insight into various people, ideas, and events which led to the formation of Pakistan.

This book also investigates various causes which are contributing to the rising instability of Pakistan. It also throws light on the contradictory philosophies governing the nation’s leadership right from creation of an Islamic sanctuary to the secular ideas of Jinnah. In a scenario of such instability, it creates doubts regarding how the future of the young generation would be like. Tinderbox: The Past And Future Of Pakistan also gives a view on the terrorism and nuclear armament prevalent in the country. Tinderbox: The Past And Future Of Pakistan was published by Harpercollins in 2011. It is available in paperback format.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 9350291940
ISBN 13 : 9789350291948
Author : Akbar M J
Translator : -
Publisher : Harper Collins Publishers
Language : ENGLISH

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