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Defeat is not final unless you give up. That is simply because each phase of life, triumphant or disastrous, has the potential to push you to higher grounds.
Life gives absolutely no guarantee of continuous comfort. What it guarantees are uncertainties, insecurities and anxieties. On the flip side of these lamentables are the revelations of inner-strengths, explorations of character dimensions and opportunities for personal growth.
However, these opportunities are only revealed to those who are observant and ready; to those who take responsibility, both for their current circumstances and also for the direction where they wish to journey.
The lead character in U Turn, Kolitha, takes such a journey and invites you to join him as he turns his life around from failure to hope and triumph. I am certain the concepts and tools that guide Kolitha in his U Turn will ease your own journey to live the best life possible.

Book Details

ISBN 10 : 9789550163021
ISBN 13 : 978978955016302
Author : Nuwan Samarapathi
Translator : -
Publisher : Author Publication
Author2 : Nuwan Samarapathi
Language : ENGLISH

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